The EM Series is a new, budget-priced platform scale from A&D with capacities of 30kg, 60kg and 150kg

Who else is looking for a scale of true value?

Advice to Price-Sensitive Users Who Find Their Scales Unreliable

Your scale doesn’t work when you really need it to. Don’t you hate that? "You get what you pay for," they may have told you. But is that always true? With the EM Series from the number one scale maker in Japan, you can find the answer for yourself!


  • High Resolution Mode Selectable:
    • 5g Accuracy on EM-30KAM
    • 10g Accuracy on EM-60KAL
    • 20g Accuracy on EM-150KAL
  • Clearly Visible Display with White Backlight
  • Battery Powered (Battery Can be Charged While the Scale is in Use)
  • Portable Lightweight Body
  • Auto Power Off (Scale Switches Off Automatically After a Period of Inactivity to Preserve Battery Life)
  • Optional RS-232C Interface (OP-03)
  • Two Platform Sizes
    • KAM: 300mm x 350mm, and
    • KAL: 400mm x 500mm
  • Convenient Counting Function (Able to Count the Number of Objects with the Same Weight, Based on a Predetermined Unit Weight)
  • Optional Tilting Indicator Bracket (For a Wider Viewing Angle)


Quick, accurate, and easy to use, and you can take it anywhere, anytime. If you are OK with a poor-quality scale as long as it is the cheapest, the EM Series isn’t your scale of choice. Or, if you are ready to pay whatever price for equipment with a beautiful exterior and countless numbers of fancy functions, the EM Series isn’t for you, either. But if you need, on top of affordability, a solid, durable scale with just enough functions to ensure suitable weighing, you have found the right one. Here are 10 benefits that you can gain from the EM Series:

  1. High Accuracy and Three Selectable Resolutions*
    You can select from three weighing resolutions (1/3,000, 1/6,000 to 1/7,500, or 1/12,000 to 1/15,000) the one that best suits your purpose and working environment.
    *Only one range can be selected at a time
  2. Clearly Visible Display with White Backlight
    The large, 26mm characters are easy to read. The white backlight can aid visibility in dark areas.
  3. Stable Field Operation Using a Rechargeable Battery
    The scale operates without an AC power supply (for approximately 200 hours, with backlight off). Yes, the battery can be charged while the scale is in use(adaptor TB-200).
  4. Easy Carrying Thanks to Lightweight Body
    The entire construction of the scale is trimmed in dimension to have only the necessary but sufficient level of strength. The resulting lightweight makes the scale highly portable, which is ideal if you change weighing location often.
  5. Enhanced Safety by Hemming Processing on Weighing Pan
    The rim of the weighing pan is folded inward so that you will not hurt your hands accidentally on a sharp edge. This is also beneficial for users who have to carry the scale around.
  6. Hygienic, Stainless Steel Weighing Pan (SUS430)
    The fact that the weighing pan is hemmed as well as made of stainless steel makes it easy to remove, wash, and wipe clean.
  7. Auto Power Off As a Power Saving Function
    With this function activated, the scale will turn off the display automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity to save the battery power.
  8. Convenient Counting Function to Calculate Quantities
    The scale can count the number of objects of the same weight based on a predetermined unit weight. Useful for inventorying, incoming and outgoing inspections, etc.
  9. Extendibility with Various Accessories
    Lastly, we prepared and will prepare various accessories for those of you who would like to make your scale more versatile. Currently, the following are available:
    • Display stand for desktop/wall-mount use
    • Load cell extension cables for mounting the indicator at a distance
    • Additional pole-support foot (for EM-30KAM/60KAM only) to increase stability
    • Tilting indicator bracket for a wider viewable angle
    • RS-232C interface to output the results to a PC, printer, etc.
    • Easily attachable/detachable dust cover to keep the indicator clean

EM Series Platform Scale

  • Brand: A&D Weighing
  • Product Code: EM Series
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  • $407

  • Ex Tax: $370

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